Building lasting value through responsible ESG strategies

The Middle Way Pty Ltd is a specialist consultancy that assists clients across Australia to:

  • identify and prioritise their environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues when developing their business plans.
  • analyse the implications of relevant laws or policies from government or relevant industry bodies;
  • develop ESG performance indicators for their core activities and assets,  and benchmark them against international frameworks;
  • disclose relevant information on the performance of their organisation for the information of stakeholders such as investors, corporate regulators, suppliers and customers.

Enhancing corporate reputation 

Organisations that voluntarily disclose the material ESG influences on their performance can improve credibility with their stakeholders.  Many reasonably seek timely assurances about the organisation’s ongoing capabilities, and its social and environmental impacts. They can be especially concerned about its resilience during times of change or high-risk circumstances.

The latter is particularly topical.   An enormous global effort is underway to respond to two  force majeure threats, namely, the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change.  Together they have created a global threat profile that is unprecedented in its socio-economic and environmental impacts in both the near-term and long-term.

Each presents its own set of risk for all organisations – the pandemic as an ongoing public health burden  and  climate, change, which is driving an unavoidable, progressive and fundamental threat to the very existence of life on the earth.  Both are now overlayed by an increasingly complex international economic framework that is also being destabilised by the Russian – Ukraine war.

To be resilient, organisations in exposed industry sectors now need to adapt to the near -term consequences of these challenging circumstances, and then communicate their responses to their stakeholders.

Our services 

We work with clients to identify pathways for identifying and disclosing their most pressing non-financial threats of business interruptions or diminishing resilience.

Our process identifies the steps they can take for their activities to be conducted in a socially responsible manner.  It also provides an opportunity to show that they have the flexibility needed to adapt to unanticipated challenges.

Each can also send vital signals to investors wanting to assess how best to minimise their exposure to the potential for value destruction in firms seeking their capital.