Building lasting value through responsible business practices

The Middle Way is a business consultancy that has assisted clients in industry and government across Australia since 2002 to:

  • identify and prioritise their  environmental, social and governance (ESG) when developing their business plans;
  • analyse the implications of relevant ESG laws, policies or guidance notes released by government or industry;
  • develop non-financial performance indicators for their key activities and assets
  • disclose non-financial information to key stakeholders requiring transparency about the organisation and its performance.

Enhancing corporate reputation

Organisations that voluntarily disclose relevant non-financial influences on their performance have been shown to improve their reputation with  their investors, customers, suppliers and corporate regulators.  

Many of the stakeholders across their business cycle can reasonably seek assurances about the organisation’s credibility, and resilience during times of change or high-risk circumstances.

The latter is particularly topical at present, since the world is actively responding to two force majeure threats that are creating immediate challenges across the whole of the planet.

They are  the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change.  Each presents its own threats for all organisations – the pandemic as an immediate health and economic crisis;  and  climate change that is causing a progressive and fundamental alteration to all aspects of life on earth.

To be successful, organisations in all industry sectors will not only need to adapt to both, but also to communicate strategically about how they are responding in the short and medium terms.  These two unique phenomena are reviewed in the comments below.


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