About us

Our firm is led by two Principals.

Dr Pamela Stark

Dr Pamela Stark has consulted to industry and government on a wide range of sustainability matters. Her interest in this field began in the 1990s when she was a member of the Prime Minister’s Working Groups on Ecologically Sustainable Development.

She has participated in the work of the Global Reporting Initiative.  She also contributed to the development of the International Integrated Reporting Framework and the Sustainability Standards Accounting Board in the USA.

Her consulting assignments have included sustainability strategy development, evaluation and reporting; climate change risk assessment and reporting. stakeholder engagement; policy research and development; and planning for sustainable water and wastewater management;

She previously held senior positions in policy agencies in the NSW and Commonwealth Governments involving biotechnology, water, and science policy matters

Qualifications: MSc; Ph D; Master of Commerce; Grad. Dip. Public Policy.

Geoff Noonan

Geoff Noonan is experienced in the application of non-financial risk analysis to strategic and business planning processes.

He advises clients on techniques for optimising trade-offs between potentially competing business objectives such as operational efficiency,  organisational resilience, and corporate social responsibility performance.

An important part of this role is his wide experience as a professional facilitator for specialised forums addressing complex scientific, engineering or economic issues.  His particular expertise lies in managing negotiations between business and the three levels of government relating to investments in the development of major public infrastructure assets.

He has a Masters degree in Commerce; B.AppSc;  Grad Dip. in International Law; and a Grad Dip. in Management.  He also trained as a commercial facilitator and conciliator with the Australian Commercial Disputes Centre.