About us

The Middle Way Pty Ltd was established in Sydney in 2002 to provide advice on a wide range of sustainability, ESG and corporate social responsibility issues to business and governments across Australia.

Since then, we have worked with Federal, State, and Local Government agencies in eastern Australia, and with local and international business clients.

The sectors involved have included:

  • Regional water infrastructure systems
  • Road major asset management and heavy vehicle road transport logistics
  • Energy generation and distribution
  • Biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and medical technology
  • Insurance for commercial operations
  • Tourism
  • The beef industry in Queensland

We have wide experience supporting organisations to :

  • minimise the environmental and social impacts of their activities
  • develop and implement plans for reducing their greenhouse gas emissions, enhancing water conservation, and mitigating the impacts of climate change
  • conduct cost benefit analyses and life cycle analyses to optimise the non-financial elements of project proposals, including for major capital infrastructure projects.
  • design and carry out national stakeholder engagement programs
  • ¬†publish disclosures of their performance against the non-financial indicators in international protocols such as CDP and GRI, ¬†as well as the emerging risk filters for assessing biodiversity threats.