Our experience

Examples of projects we have undertaken over the past decade for both public sector and business clients in a number of regions of Australia include:

Policy and issues analysis

  • Policy and issues analysis relating to public infrastructure assets; environment protection; corporate responsibility; climate change; and non-financial regulatory risk in business planning.

Corporate sustainability assessment and reporting

  • Assessed and benchmarked corporate sustainability performance.
  • Advised on the range of frameworks currently available for sustainability performance and disclosure.
  • Prepared sustainability, corporate responsibility, environment and annual reports.
  • Prepared company responses to sustainability indices used by international investors.
  • Assisted clients to review and develop their Code of Responsible Business Practice.
  •  Developed organisation-wide Sustainability Balanced Scorecards aligning corporate vision and strategy with operations and performance management.

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Climate change

  • Prepared greenhouse gas and energy inventories, and reports to comply with the Australian Government’s National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Scheme legislation.
  • Supported client participation in the international CDP Climate Change and Water disclosure programs,  including assessment of risks and opportunities.
  • Prepared climate change risk analysis and adaptation strategies for both public and private sector clients

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Strategic asset management

  • Prepared strategies for optimising non-financial outcomes of  investments in major private and public infrastructure projects, and for the management of capital equipment assets.
  • Advised on the land-use change and environmental protection implications of proposals for major infrastructure projects seeking government approval.

Facilitation and stakeholder engagement

  • Facilitated nation-wide stakeholder negotiations over proposed legislation changes relating to heavy vehicle transport; climate-change adaptation; and public health risk management proposals
  • Designed and conducted structured stakeholder engagement programs for major road, water and wastewater infrastructure project plans, including strategy development, facilitation of meetings and preparation of supporting content and final reports.
  •  Provided independent chairmanship of CEO and other Senior Executive forums negotiating issues  around regulatory risk  that were of critical importance in their specific industry sector.

Regional planning

  •  Counducted demographic and socio-economic trend analyses for local governments in New South Wales and Victoria.
  •  Assessed the regional impacts of population growth on future public infrastructure demands and the natural environment.
  • Prepared water and wastewater strategic plans for regional water authorities in three eastern Australian States.

Public representations

  • Appeared before various Federal or State Parliamentary Inquiries;  made invited presentations to regional forums of local government mayors;  and appeared as guest speakers at conferences in the insurance, chemicals , environmental services, agriculture, and eco-tourism sectors.