Project facilitation

Project facilitation supports Project Managers with either a single project or a program of activities.

We are experienced in facilitating professional working groups convened to consider complex scientific, engineering or financial issues.  These can be face-to-face or conducted online.

We design the flow of each forum to ensure the outcomes required are clearly articulated;  the discussions are structured and efficient;  and each participant is properly engaged.

Examples of the services we have delivered include working within groups to :

  1. develop business plans and strategies, particularly for the management of infrastructure systems with long-term service horizons.
  2. carry out projects that were sensitive to changes in government policies or laws, or where compliance with stipulated performance quality standards was imperative.
  3. conduct value-adding reviews of management processes or key assets designed to identify the maximum service effectiveness practicable within tight budgets.
  4. analyse critical policy issues faced by their organisation.   This included  negotiating cost-effective solutions with key internal and external stakeholders.

We prepare an independent report on the outcome of forums we manage,  and where agreement on its contents is important, negotiate the widest possible support by all participants.

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